Things To Consider When Buying Guillotine Blades

What to look for when purchasing Guillotine Blades? When one decides to make the purchase of a guillotine blades, often the decision is based only on price and left aside variables which are very important in this decision.


When evaluating the purchase of Guillotine Blades, one must also look at things like:

  • Must-Cut: The angle must be perfect the guillotine, at an angle of 90°, otherwise, when performing the cut, the result may not be as straight and perfect as it should be.
  • Advance slide: When you need to make cuts in a row, the Guillotine Blades should be able to cut inch by inch.
  • Safety: Must be at least the minimum safety standards (front cover closed when cut, two-handed operation simultaneously).
  • Tool-change knife: With this, prevent your operator has no contact with the knife.
  • The structure of the guillotine: Check that the structure and components of the guillotine are of high quality or it may have trouble squaring and soon guillotine will cut perfect.
  • Service: The producer must have trained technicians to handle any necessary requirement. You must also have the ability to purchase original spare parts for it.
  • Guarantee: For a new machine, required 1 year warranty.

Additional Tips for Buying Guillotine Blades

Before buying the guillotine, requiring a demonstration of the equipment so that you can review all the items described above. Do not buy imitation look for brands that specialize in the manufacture of guillotines.

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