Printing SMS From Your iPhone to PC

Do you have some very important text messages on your iPhone, and want to have them in print format? Android phones by default do not give the option to print text messages. While emails are easy to print, so we have to use Gmail to carry text messages and use the input tray for printing. You may need to have a printed copy of the different messages that may have occurred between you and other parties for the conversions of your business. There are different ways to print SMS from an iPhone.


When viewing text messages on your iPhone, press edit, select all messages you want and then send them anywhere you want. But by following this method, you will lose all information about time and date. Another way to do this is, take a screenshot by pressing buttons Sleep/Wake and Home simultaneously, save it and mail to yourself. If it is a long conversation, you have to take different screenshots to have saved the whole conversation completely.

Print SMS From Android app moves iPhone SMS and help to print SMS messages from iPhone on your PC very easily and in a short time. Follow the following step by step guide:

Step 1:  Download and install the Easy Print SMS From iPhone app. Also, you need to download SMS Reader For PC program and install it on your system.

Step 2:  Activate the program and connect your iPhone to PC

After installing SMS Reader For PC Software program, activate it and connect your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable. The program automatically displays all your SMS on the iPhone

Step 3:  Click on a particular contact to view all archived SMS relates to that contact. Then click the “Copy” button and choose .MHT file format; This format allows printing. Choose the destination folder in your PC, where you want to save your iPhone SMS file and click the OK button. You can also copy the selected SMS iPhone.

Step 4:  There are two ways to print SMS messages from iPhone;

  • a) Open the file .MHT file with Internet Explorer and prints: Right click on the file .MHT and open it with IE. Now go to tools – print and click on the button Print, or you can simply press CTRL + P Thus, the SMS will be printed exactly as they appear on the iPhone.
  • b) To print all messages from a particular contact, click the contact name and click the “Print.”


SMS Reader For PC designed by, is a free, fast and user-friendly app to make a backup copy of the SMS or iPhone to your computer using .ants (editable) and .txt file format. Undoubtedly, this smart application to print SMS Android and Window OS is also compatible for all makes and models of smartphone.

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