Porsche Wheels – How Can Best For The Winter?

Much of the injury accidents that occur each year on USA roads occur in the colder months, particularly from October to March. The reasons are that during the winter daylight hours decrease and temperatures; moreover, the road surface is worsened by moisture, mud, ice, etc. All these conditions hinder the flow. Following tips for winter driving will help with such difficulties, and Champion wheels for winter are the best partner for the winter season.

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In this regard, it is noteworthy that below 7 degrees, the tire-the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road-hardened, so that they lose their effectiveness as far as grip and handling is concerned. This causes loss of adhesion braking distance from 50 km/h is multiplied up to eight: dry is 8 meters; wet, twice; with snow, 32 meters; and ice, to 64 meters! The difference between an accident or not.

According to a study, 80% of users have never ridden chains on their vehicles and/or cannot use. In addition, the chains only serve to drive through snow, but wet or icy asphalt is useless. To this it is added the fact that the assembly of the chains is cumbersome, sometimes cannot be used on some vehicles, causing instability to be placed only on the drive shaft, and may even damage the tire or car if installed incorrectly.

Champion wheels for winter avoid all the aforementioned drawbacks and provide most safety in all winter conditions (rain, ice, snow) and better performance. In USA, its use is not mandatory, contrary to what happens in the rest of the country. However, its use is regulated by the General Vehicle Regulations, which provides: “Where obligatory or recommended the use of chains or other approved anti-skid devices should be placed at least on the axis of the drive wheels such chains or use winter tires. ” In this case, the law allows to mount winter tires with a code of lower vehicle speed (you have to look in a visible place a sticker that says so).

Key winter tire – Champion wheels for winter have a specific, softer, flexible compound aimed at providing better performance in winter conditions, since it does not harden below 7° C. They also have high density slots, which provides better traction and wet performance.


Advantages of Champion winter wheels

Champion wheels by championmotorsport.com offer many advantages over conventional:

  • Increased security: the braking distance is reduced by 6 meters with respect to one summer.
  • Greater peace of mind: your car will always be ready whatever the road conditions and weather conditions.
  • Improving the performance of the vehicle: the two axes equipped with winter tires provide more stability to the car.
  • Comfort: possible dangerous situations like that occur when mounting the chains are avoided.
  • Good investment income: mount in winter, summer is stored in your car and so is always well equipped for every season.

Do not miss these Special Winter tips before taking the Porsche car.

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