Diesel Particle Filters And EGR

Whether cars, trucks or other vehicles equipped with such systems in Owntheroad can override them with a full guarantee. Do not use programs that do it automatically, the process is manual and modify all parameters necessary for the deactivation of the system is complete.

Particulate Filter

FAP Particulate Filter Or DPF: 

The diesel filter is a device located in the exhaust pipe that is responsible for retaining all solid particles generated by diesel engines and allows equipped vehicles that meet emissions standards EURO4/EURO5.

These can be problems cleaning (removal of particles) for not achieving ideal operating conditions.

The most common causes saturation of particle filters are: 

  • Using the exclusive vehicle in town.
  • Use at speeds below 60 miles per hour.
  • Short distances.

If after a forced regeneration or filter cleaning did not resolve your problem, Owntheroad can disable it electronically and save thousands of euros without any problems on ITV *.

EGR removal valves: 

EGR valve or the exhaust gas recirculation is an element that has been used in engines for many years as a means to reduce pollution, and its function is to recirculate exhaust gases back into the intake to reduce the emission of oxides Nitrogen (NOx) and other pollutants.

It is often the cause of many problems if it is not in perfect condition, including:

  • Dirty ducts admission.
  • Telegraphing and fumes.
  • Rough idle.
  • Power loss.
  • Tugs in very smooth ride at low revs.

By modifying certain parameters the ECU programming, we can leave it closed almost entirely without any error in the box, eliminating all the problems mentioned above.  Note that in vehicles equipped with particle filter, we recommend not voiding the EGR without canceling filter first!

We can override the system with any reliability, so stop being a problem and avoid significant amounts of money disbursed in replacement thereof.  To read more about dpf delete check out at www.Owntheroad.Ca or call at (780) 757-5990.

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